Inside my sketchbook

Some random pages from my sketchbooks!

I have already filled 48pages. Feel kinda proud of that. 😉

A bit of back to the basics with Andrew Loomis!

How my website mascot was born:

Random doodles:

I can’t believe it took me one hour to create this blog post. (Darn html!) I better get back to sketching again… with my nose, apparently.


So much has happened these last months! I’ve barely had time to write anything in my blog! (No well, to be honest, I’ve been lazy… but I shouldn’t really mention that else I won’t sound like a pro artist).

Anyway, there’s so much I want mention. First of all, I moved to the UK! Me and some of my NKF classmates found a cozy little brick house that we’re renting together. We have a huge purple tree outside our door, peach and appletrees in our backyard, and a lot of big ugly spiders! Soon we’ll start the university (We don’t start until the 4th of October…!) 4 months of vacation is a bit too much, and I sense I’m starting to get a bit restless. But at least my tendonitis is much better and I can actually paint again. 🙂

Secondly, I won the gold and silver awards for NKFs “Gullspiren” competition, illustration category. I won silver for my Snowhite project, and Gold for my collage book “causes and symptoms of the senses”.  (This actually happened in june, so it’s old news. However still worth to mention)!

There was also made a really kewl “making of” animation of my Snowwhite dvd cover. It was shown in the cinemas in Trondheim before the movies began. 🙂

Ida won bronze. Here we are together showing off our fancy diplomas! Look how happy we are!

I’m pretty sure there was something else of importance that I wanted to write about, but it seems like the long vacation made my brain shrink and I cannot remember what it was. If I remember it one day, I’ll post it. 🙂