Gatwick airport snow chaos sketch!

A sketch I did whilst sitting on the icy cold stone floor at Gatwick airport, waiting to know if my plane would depart or not.

Click for full view.


8 thoughts on “Gatwick airport snow chaos sketch!

  1. Nice work (I really like the Bukowski covers). I read that you had tendonitis, I think I might be developing it as well. How did you manage to cope with it as well as having to draw so much, has it gotten better?

    • Don’t draw unless you really need to. I had no choice because I was working on my final project at uni, but as soon as I finished I didn’t draw for 4 months, that helped, and now I’m better (yet not perfect). I think that’s all you can do. If you think you are developing it, be really careful! Take lots of pauses and avoid static positions.

  2. Love this simple but busy imagery. Lots going on, without clutter. Hope you enjoyed (still enjoying?) your time at uni.

    Love the site too. Attractive, effective and nice to look around ^^

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