First try at sculpting with cernit!

I’ve been wanting to do some sculpting for quite a while, so I decided to experiment a little with cernit. It’s been years since I last worked with clay and sculpting, so if I had a chance to redo it I would probably have chosen a more flexible clay. However, cernit worked pretty well in this case anyway, since the shapes are quite simple.

The sketch. Just some random circus cat (first thing that popped into my head!)

The tools. Nothing fancy, just stuff I found at my own house. (The woolen balls were used inside the cernit to make the sculpture less heavy.)

The different parts after they’ve been burned and cooled. I placed some clips inside so that they would be easier to attach together later. The surface was then polished with some sandpaper.

Cernit is really difficult to paint on! Either that or the quality of the acrylic is bad. After 3 layers of paint my cat is looking like this…. I found that the multipurpose “hobby paint” covered much better.

Finally it’s all white!

And then a bit of colour….

Then I had to make some kind of short pedestal to even out the weight. Went out in my garden and dug out a flat rock that I placed inside the cernit.

130c in the oven for 30min, then polish it a bit…

Aaaand it’s finished! I know it’s creepy-looking but I don’t think it’s that bad for being a first attempt! 🙂