Making of “Oppfinner Olaf” – intro page

Here comes the full work-in-progress of the intro page for a book idea I’m working on! I hope this post will give some insight into how I work and develop my illustrations, and I that you readers out there will find it enjoyable.


As always, the first step begins in my sketchbook with some really rough doodles and thumbnail sketches that probably I’m the only one fully who understands. I really liked the first sketch of the house and decided to develop it further in photoshop.

The first sketch is doodled in two point perspective. (In reality, it was done in three point – but the last vanishing point is so far away that the effect is only subtle.)

The final composition is not working so well and some experimenting is needed to find the best one.


Lineart completed!

Then some shading samples…


..And finally the fun part can begin!


Finished! Click to view the full version. 🙂