Book anxiety

I’ve been working my butt off lately to try and finish my semester project! I’m actually going to try and make a book out of it, but not an ordinary book. A special book.

It’ll be made of wood, and it’ll be laser engraved with a special design which I’m doing myself. And it will cost me lots of money. Luckily it seems I have a thing for oatmeal lately, cause I will probably be eating it a lot after my semester project is over.

Sometimes I don’t know what’s wrong with me, and why I get these weird ideas to try and do something like this. I’ve never done knotwork designs before. I don’t even know how to vectorize! I also don’t have any money! Wtf? If I was smart I would have found an easy solution, but unfortunately, I’m not.

So I’m almost pissing in my pants cause I’m so nervous that the book will suck. And I’m never able to make up my mind about my design. Not sure I even like it!

Here’s how it’s looking so far (NOT FINISHED YET).

(Demonstration manip, original photo by Liam Quin).



Guess who’s getting tendonitis in her arm but still gotta work? 😦


But I’m trying to unleash my frustration on this creature. It’s the main boss in my game, perhaps I’ll even name him Tendonitis. Sounds evil to me. He has a  curse upon himself by the way. He is slowly turning into a tree – a tree which will burn in all eternity.